This is a list of DLCs (Downloadable content) released for the game. They can be bought at the in-game Customize Store.


  • Movies and TV Legends DLC (Adds cars from famous movies and shows, like James Bond, Back to the Future, Baby Driver, Dukes of Hazzard, etc. It also adds clothing and hairstyles for characters)
  • Character Cars DLC (Adds cars driven by characters for Single Race mode. The pack is free if the player syncs their progress with the game save card from the arcade version)
  • Steers DLC (On Steers Wacky Wednesdays, players must enter a code from their Steers Wacky Wednesday box in order to get a Steers car wrap and also Steers t-shirts for the players' characters. A special Challenge Mode race taking place in Johannesburg can be played with a Steers-themed VW Golf GTI.) This is for South Africa only.)