Annie Foxington (born 1990, Oklahoma, United States) is a female red fox living in Los Angeles. She helps and guides the player throughout the game, Jason does this too.

She is voiced by Jules de Jongh.

Early life Edit

Annie, before becoming a car a car mechanic and racer, was a child actor. She once played as Stephanie in a long-lost LazyTown pilot when she was in Iceland. Annie was a tomboy, so she did not like the role of being a "too much pink" girly girl.

Vehicles Edit

  • 1996 Nissan Silvia K's (S14, Kouki) (Front end converted with a Nissan 180SX Type-X)

Names in other languages Edit

  • Annika Füchsin (German)
  • キツマ恵子 (Kitsuma Keiko, Keiko Kitsuma) (Japanese)
  • 김연아 (gim'-'yeon'-a, Kim Yeon-ah) (Korean)

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